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September 28, 2007



Have a good break!


The story of the apple crumble reminds me of my Mom during my wedding. She had dyed a slip to go with her "Mother of the bride" dress in a pan that she thought she had scrubbed out very well and then made 'Finnan Haddie" in that pan and the sauce was a shade of green - similar to her slip! She threw it out, but it was probably edible!! No, you do not turn 96 every day! Enjoy your time away, Jeannie. You will feel like normal before long, but I must warn you that it will take many a year before people will ask you how you are in the way they did pre-BC (breast cancer). There is something in their voice - they sure hope you are okay and they don't want to NOT ask, but they are anxiously awaiting the answer and hoping it is a good one. I think 8 or 9 years post-BC I was still being asked how I was - in that 'awful' way! Just so you know! Have fun!

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