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October 15, 2007



You make surfing through the TV channels humorous! Sorry the glasses were not in the same spot as the wearer! That is one advantage, or some would say a disadvantage, to having to wear my glasses all the time. I have often seen people at the pool (where I only wear my goggles) and not known them on the street, although there is a foggy memory of having seen their faces before!!
You did not mention that you had a reaction to Herceptin, other than being tired. Hopefully it went well!
Is you head getting itchy from the new 'curls'? I am sure you will be happy to put Heidi to rest on the top shelf of the closet!
You will have to put a sign on the dash of the car - "Do you have your glasses?"
Glad that day is behind you!
Love, Peg

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