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October 25, 2007



*sigh* I really enjoyed reading your posts. Personally, I think you've still got a lot of interesting comments to make on everything ~ and I also know that you've started a new chapter in your life, so do what you feel is best. *hug*

And keep in touch!!!!


Sorry it took me five whole days to notice you're going -- and has it been six months? What a road you've travelled, and I'll miss you very much -- online, at least. Still waiting for the ms.
Be well, be in touch, use that wonderful gift you have for finding the humour and the story in everything!


Oh, Jeannie, don't go!
You write so beautifully and with such wry humour that you ought to stay and talk about other things - or start a new blog, if that would be more appropriate.
Whatever you decide, all good wishes, and keep in touch.


Jeannie: I certainly hope we do keep in touch from time to time. You have helped me too. It is easy to forget just how scared, lonely, emotional, crazy and all the other words that go along with this experience. I hope I helped in some small way. I know when I first found out I had breast cancer that it was helpful to learn that I was not alone in many of my feelings. Knowing what to expect is always helpful, even if it is just knitting a scarf! Forewarned is forearmed or something like that.
I am off to my knitting reatreat in a few hours. Should be lots of fun and I will make new friends, learn new skills, share and laugh! All that is good. Love, Peg

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